Charity Rides

When we can, we either sponsor other people in charity rides or 1 or more of our family members participate in them ourselves as 3Cloudes.  We couldn't do this without our supporters, so we GREATLY appreciate donations for these! See the donate button at the bottom of the page.  On this page you can see rides we are currently working on and rides we've sponsored or completed. All funds we contribute to these rides go to the charities or for race/ride fees.  We do not take any monetary profit (we do sometimes get free water bottles or swag) from these and if our fundraising goals are exceeded, the additional is still donated to the ride cause.


Peach Pedal Charity Ride - Weatherford, TX

July 10-20, 2020

Our goal for this ride is to raise $60 or more for the charities and to cover ride fees.  You can read about the Peach Pedal ride at 

Nick's Different Awesome Outreach

3Cloudes Gives a Shout Out to the Bruce Bussell ride starting in Lubbock, TX!

Bruce Bussell is remarkable and this ride is all due to his passion for his employees and bikes.  Bruce was the owner of Nick's Shaved Ice Paradise in Lubbock, TX.  Due to COVID it was a struggle for Bruce, so he has converted his business to Nick's Different Awesome Outreach, a 501c nonprofit.  Bruce is embarking on a 935 mile tour across Texas to raise funds to help his employees. 3Cloudes encouraged support of Bruce!  You can donate directly to his fund here:

Donate to Our Current Charity Effort

This donation is to support our Peach Pedal ride in July, donations will be accepted through July 20, 2020.  Our goal is $60 and all donations received above that will go directly to the Peach Pedal charities.  (See ride description above for link to the ride info.) Thank you!

If you prefer to have us donate to the Bruce Bussel ride above, please specify that in the dropdown and 3Cloudes will donate it to that ride.  We will accept donations for that ride as long as it is ongoing.


Past Events

These are our most recent Charity Rides already completed. Thanks for your support!

SPCA Charity Ride

3Cloudes family member Lynn entered the Rescue Paws ride in early 2020 as a part of both a personal cycling journey and a way to give to all the fur kids.  (We have several of our own!). The Rescue Paws ride as a 5K where you could do a run/walk/ride of 5K virtually or on the route of your choice.  From the ride documents:
RESCUE PAWS 5K was to create a positive change in the world.  A charitable donation will be made to the ASPCA and benefit from this great event.



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