Home Delivery of Parts/Cycling Accessories and Apparel

Home Delivery of Parts/Cycling Accessories and Apparel

Do you need a bike part, chain, helmet, bike trainer, bike rack, new bicycle or anything else from one of our fine local bicycle shops or from Walmart?  Don't have the space in your car or time to get what you need?  We will be glad to pick it up for you and deliver it to your mailbox or porch.  Most items can be delivered for 10-12.50, contact us for price if the item is heavier than 30 lbs. or large enough to require a trailer/truck. We also LOVE to support our local bike shops, and as we are a hobby business we do not consider them competitors, so we are just glad to help, especially during the COVID crisis.  


    If we pick up an item for you from a local store, any returns/refunds are handled through that store.  We will provide you with a receipt for your purchase directly from that store.  We can provide return/exchange services at the usual Home Delivery cost as long as you have your receipt.


    Just need tubes, tires, or use parts hand-delivered (Lubbock city limits) or shipped to your mailbox?  Ask about our tires/tubes/parts/bikes for sale.

$12.50 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price


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