Bicycle Chain Replacement

Bicycle Chain Replacement

Replacement of bicycle chains from bikes ranging from single speed and up.  Bikes required a chain for 1-7 speeds may be discounted, contact us for details.  Average bikes have a 1x11 (11 speed) to a 3x7 (21) speed setup which will run around $20-25 for a high-quality brand-name chain and $15 for labor including shifter fine tuning.   Drop off to our location (no contact during COVID19) free or schedule a tire/bike pickup for only $2 inside the city of Lubbock or $5 in outer radius.   We can also hand-deliver chains to your home, see our home delivery services for more info.


    If we replace your chain with a new chain, we provide you with receipt for the manufacturer's warranty.  If you choose from our stock of used chains these are typically barely worn but do not come with warranty/return options.


    Just need chains hand-delivered (Lubbock city limits) or shipped to your mailbox?  Ask about our chains for sale and our bike-shop pickup and delivery options.

$39.00 Regular Price
$35.10Sale Price


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