3 Cloudes

Our Family Helping Other Families with Basic Bicycle Services 


About our Local Hobby Business

Lubbock Owned

3 Cloudes started as a very simple thing - time for Dad and Daughter to do something together and make a few extra dollars.  We began by purchasing a few older bikes and taking in donations of unwanted bikes.  (We still gladly accept donations and affordable offers!)

Eventually Dad was unable to do quite as much as before, but the cycling spirit was strong for the whole family!  Mom and Sister and a few others got involved to help out!  As of Summer 2020 we hope to move our little hobby toward a part-time hobby business.  Dad is still firmly supervising while the ladies hustle, so 3 Cloudes and Family was born.

We look forward to helping our community, helping families with bicycling needs, supporting community bicycle commuting and trails and supporting our full-time local bike shops and other businesses.  Please let us know how we can help you!